What do the packages offer?

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How does the Pass Protect Work?

Pass Protect is only available if you have subscribed to one of our training packages. (Does not apply to Free Trial.)

In order to be eligible for the Pass Protect Money Back Guarantee or up to 3 Free re-sits, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have taken at least 10 "complete mock tests" and on the last three consecutive "complete mock tests", have achieved a score of 100% with at least 15 minutes remaining on the timer for the multiple choice element of the test.
  • You must take your official DSA theory test within 7 days of completing your last consecutive "complete mock test".
  • If you then fail the multiple choice element of your official DSA theory test taken within 7 days of completing your last consecutive “complete mock test”, you must send your original failure document to us for processing.
  • If the required conditions have been met, we will refund your subscription fee or pay for up to 3 free re-sits depending on your subscription package.
  • You cannot claim if:
    • you fail to take the test for any reason
    • your use of our site or your results do not meet the above criteria.

What happens next?

  • We will validate your use of our site
  • We will check you have met the above criteria
  • We will check your failure document

If everything is OK we will then offer you a refund of the subscription fee or book up to 3 FREE RE-SITS depending on the package you purchased. A free re-sit will be booked for you at times to suit you and we will also extend your access to your online theory training account to allow you to keep practicing the questions.

Advantages of Pass Protect

Approximately 30% - 40% of theory tests are failed each year (taken from DSA figures).

  • Unique 5* Package offer up to £93.00 worth of free theory test re-sits (see terms & conditions)
  • Money Back Guarantee on 2* and 3* package deals (see terms & conditions)
  • Up to 3 FREE RE-SITS with the 4* and 5* package deals (see terms & conditions)